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Justin Berfield

Co Star on MITM!


If you think Frankie's cool, then check this out!
~*Justin Tyler Berfield*~
Justin Tyler Berfield born on February 25th, 1986. He celebrated his 14th birthday with his co-star of Malcolm In The Middle, Frankie Muniz at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Justin was inspired to act by one of his friends by auditioning for a part. Justin started to act in 1991 for a Folgers Coffee Commercial. This commercial was the first of many, and so he was nicknamed "The Commercial Kid." In the summer of 1998, Justin was a really busy 12 year old. It was when Justin was doing the last season of the hit show Unhappily Ever After, in which Justin played the part of Ross Malloy. Justin also starred in many movies for cable like, The Kid With X-Ray Eyes, The Invisable Mom II, and Mom Can I Keep Her? Justin has many, many, many t.v. credits including the series The Good Life, The Mommies, and being a guest on The Boys Are Back. His main acting role perior to Reese on Malcolm In The Middle was Ross Malloy on Unhappily Ever After. Unhappily Ever After was a huge smash on the WB network which contained many of Justin's finest acting moments.
Outside the studio, Justin enjoys horseback riding, football, ice hockey, kayaking, sport fishing, snowboarding, camping, and motorcycle riding. Justin's favorite subjects on school are math, reading, and spelling. And Justin even works with underprivliged childern to help make their lifes a little better.
Justin loves animals! He has 7 turtles, 3 cats, 5 dogs,chickens, goats, a ferret, a horse, a litter of Pug puppies (that he delivered himself), and a miniature pot bellied pig! I don't think I've ever heard of someone who has THAT many pets! Justin also loves martial arts.
Here are some facts:
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Favorite Colors: Red and Blue
Favorite Music: Rap especially Eminem and Dr. Dre, DMX, and Jay-Z
Height: 5'1 in.
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Actors: Jim Carey and Adam Sandler
Favorite Movies: American Pie and Deuce Bigalow:Male Jigalo
Favorite Hang Out: Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.
Favorite Wrestler: The Rock
Favorite TV Shows: The Tom Green Show and Mad TV
First Kiss: In a swimming pool at the age of five.
Siblings: Older Brother, Lorne Berfield

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